Women of LaVida Massage

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’d like to showcase a few of our amazing center owners, who not only do amazing things for LaVida Massage but make a difference in the lives of their family, friends and communities.

Monique Walkes

Monique Walkes- Owner of LaVida Massage of Colorado Springs

First, we have Monique Walkes who owns our LaVida Massage of Colorado Springs location. This lady does it all!

“I am a retired Navy Senior Chief. I served for 22 years and then relocated to Colorado in 2007.”

“I am a defense contractor with Torch Technologies working at the Missile Defense Integration Operations Center, Schriever AFB.”

“I am a small business owner of LaVida Massage Colorado Springs, which employs veterans from Navy/Army/AF. LaVida is located near Ft. Carson.”

“I am a Real Estate Consultant.”

Monique’s Community Service:

Mentor with SCORE Colorado Springs Chapter – we provide mentoring for small businesses already in business or for those that desire to open a business.

Board member of Citizens Soldier Connection (fb presence) – dedicated to providing friendship and support to the soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines as well as their families stationed in the greater Colorado Springs area.

Affiliate of Homes for Heroes Heroes Benefit Program and Support Services for Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military, Healthcare Workers / EMS and Teachers.

Gina Minton

Gina Minton- Co-owner of LaVida Massage of Bentonville and LaVida Massage of Fayetteville

Next, we have Gina Minton who is the co-owner of two LaVida Massage locations: LaVida Massage of Bentonville and LaVida Massage of Fayetteville. Here’s a little bit about our rockstar, Gina!

“I’ve known my husband since the 7th grade and we have the two boys that we’ve always wanted!”

“We’re partners with the Heim family and own two LaVida Massage locations with the hopes of owning a 3rd in the future!”

“I’m passionate about health and wellness. I love to eat nutritious foods and take care of my body.”

Cassie Royer

Cassie Royer- Owner of LaVida Massage of Fort Collins

Finally, we have Cassie Royer, the owner of LaVida Massage of Fort Collins. Let’s read about our impressive, Cassie!

“Before owning LaVida Massage of Fort Collins I was working 60+ hours a week and had no work-life balance whatsoever. With three kids at home who never saw their mom, I knew something needed to change!”

“Almost three years later owning LaVida Massage of Fort Collins, and I can confidently say it was the best decision I ever made! My work-life balance has dramatically improved, and my three kids finally have their mom back.”

We’re so proud of all the women in the LaVida Massage Family! Thank you for being so amazing!